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Director of the BBI Bank at the Session of the Association of Independent Intellectuals "Circle 99"

Bosnia and Herzegovina must urgently create far-reaching changes in economic policies

Circle 99's theme for a recent session was "The role of the private sector and government in attracting foreign direct investment in B&H." The session was in response to the first signs of economic recovery in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in B&H. Session participants noted that these developments are very important not only for B&H, but also for Europe and the world economy, according to Anadolija. "We are in a very challenging, transitional period, and with it comes major worldwide changes in the relationships between individual economic trends," said Bukvić.

In his view, the Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) is a platform to unite the private sector, the public sector, and external investors. "We want to try to make one place to discuss the direction, the vision for turnover, and the vision for each industry in B&H," explained Bukvić.  His opinion is that urgent measures should be undertaken in tourism and agriculture sectors. "We cannot talk about tourism and still ask for visas from almost all citizens of the world. The private sector makes hotels, infrastructure for tourism, and the government closes it and prevents guests from reaching these hotels," said Bukvić.

He cited the example of Emirates citizens who can travel to any Schengen country, but for B&H they must undergo interviews questioning why they want to invest and their intentions. "If this ship is going in that direction, it is a path that will leave us stranded. That is why the private sector must take a more active role," Bukvić explained.

He said that the tourist season has started, but Bosnia and Herzegovina remains closed. Bukvić cited the example of Albania, which has abolished visitor visas.
Talking about SBF, Bukvić said that the forum is a platform to create an atmosphere that invites investors to B&H. He added that attending the Forum created a habit of visiting the country; each visit can bring more future visitors who buy land and create more companies.

"I think that no one from the region in the last 30 years has been able to gather in one place and on the same day the names and financial institutions SBF has gathered," said Bukvić, after announcing guests at SBF. Bukvić added that, the arrival of the head of the Qatar Investment Authority, its entire leadership, and Qatar Airlines is confirmed.


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