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Corporate Banking

At times when business environment is very complex, your Company needs support from a bank, which will provide prompt and reliable services.

Retail Banking

Large number of banking products which are created as a result of continuous work in improvement of service quality, introduction of new products and development of the existing products.

BBI VIP Business Club

Business Forum that provides domicile and foreign managers with a possibility to gather and exchange information, experiences and opinions.
Prvi dolazak Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan u BiH
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Vlasnik Manchester Citya dolazi na Sarajevo Business Forum

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, zamjenik premijera Ujedinjenih Arapskih Emirata i vlasnik engleskog nogometnog kluba Manchester City potvrdio je dolazak na Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF), koji će se 14. i 15. maja u organizaciji BBI banke održati u glavnom gradu BiH. Sheikh Mansour je 2007. godine postao jedan od ključnih ljudi u investicijama iz Emirata kada je imenovan za predsjednika Emirates Investment Authority, državnog investicijskog fonda koji predstavlja mehanizam za finansijsko ulaganje u ime savezne vlade UAE.

Sheikh Mansour je u Bosni i Hercegovini poznatiji kao vlasnik engleskog nogometnog kluba Manchester Citya kojeg je otkupio 2008. godine za 200 miliona funti.

Ovo je prvi dolazaka emiraćanskog zamjenika premijera u BiH. Osim, najuticajnijih ljudi iz UAE, dolazak na SBF najavili su predstavnici i rukovodeći ljudi investicijskih fondova iz zemalja Zaljeva, između ostalih i Qatar Investment Authority, jednog od najvećih investicijskih fondova na svijetu u čijem se vlasništvu nalazi francuski nogometni klub Paris Saint-Germain.

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VISA Cards

VISA cards are the most widely spread and the most accepted cards in the world. Pay goods and services in over 24 million Points of Sale, draw cash in over a million automatic teller machines. Read More
Unique local card, which is cheaper than international cards because it is not burdened by commission and communication costs that international products have.
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Current Account

Holding of a current account provides modern non-cash payment and withdrawal of cash and fast and safe receipt of money both in the country and from abroad. In order to open a current account all you need to do is to come to BBI to any of our branches, show your ID, certificate on registration of residence and request opening of a current account.

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Buying out of financings

Bosna Bank International also offers financing to Clients who have partially paid out financings in other banks. Every financing will be specially adjusted to the purpose and abilities of the Client, in accordance with the original purpose of financing. The Clients who decide to take this product will pay off the debt to other bank and realize multiple benefits by becoming Clients of Bosna Bank International d.d. Read more



Internet banking is the simplest way of doing financial operations in the contemporary world. With internet access from any place and at any time you can perform any transaction you wish, transfer funds from one account to another, view balances and movements of your accounts, check official exchange rates of the Bank, place time deposits…

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